Saturday, April 5, 2014

March 29, 2014 Show

This week the Beer Geeks went fishing with their special guest Gene Philbin from Peculiar Culinary, who joined us fresh on the heels of first joint beer dinner that took place at Exit 190 Beer Deli.  We took a look at some of the great offerings from Dogfish Head Brewery, along with our special 5th beer!

Dogfish Head Brewery:

Sixty-One: This is very unique beer to say the least.  The idea behind Sixty-One is to blend the beer and wine world together into one great beer, and Dogfish Head certainly accomplished that goal!  The base of the beer comes from their world class 60 Minute IPA with the addition of Syrah grape must.  The overall impression is a wonderfully balanced IPA with strong sweet wine notes that still has a wonderfully crisp and dry finish.   
Midas Touch: The recipe for this one dates back quite some time, around 2700 years to be exact.  The recipe comes from DNA extracted from drinking vessels found in King Midas's tomb.  The 9% ABV is incredibly well hidden in this delicious beer.  The strongest notes that come through in the aroma and taste are honey and saffron with strong biscuit malt backbone. Midas Touch is incredibly sweet but still manages to have a very dry finish. A must-have!
Indian Brown Ale:  Dogfish Head has had this gem on the roster since 1999 and it is still an extremely popular brew. The brewery describes it as a highbred of Scotch Ale,  India Pale Ale, and American Brown Ale.  This description summarizes the beer perfectly. Strong caramel, brown sugar, roasted malt, and hop notes come through in the aroma and taste and has an incredibly smooth mouth feel. This is a fantastic beer to have any time of the year.
Palo Santo Marron: This 12% behemoth is a strong and powerful brown ale that is packed full of depth and flavor that is aged in Palo Santo wood vessels.  The brown ale base and parts smooth caramel flavors while the wood aging gives flavors of vanilla and subtle spicing. If you are unfamiliar with this beer and are a fan of Dogfish Head, then THIS is the must try beer!

All of this week's beer was paired with some of Chef Gene Philbin's fantastic food, unfortunately we ate it before we were able to take photos!
We also gave away a great prize package this week including two tickets to the inaugural Beer Geek Festival, a Deschutes pint glass, and a copy of Locally Brewed, a fantastic new book showcasing many of the craft breweries we discuss on our show! If you are interested in picking up a copy of the book yourself click on the cover below!

Also we cannot forget this week's special 5th beer from the dark nether regions of Derek's fridge!

Terrapin Brewing Company- Dos Cocoas: For those of you who are regular listeners you know this is probably Freddie's favorite beer just by its name. This was a pleasant surprise for everyone with its rich and deep Porter characteristics.  The name is certainly true with this beer as well with chocolate being the most dominant flavor and aroma. There is a subtle hop note present as well, which gives this beer a great balance and makes it incredibly smooth! An absolute perfect beer to have at the end of perfect show.

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