Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 27, 2014 Show

This week we are joined in studio by Fred Maier from Susquehanna Brewing Company located in Pittston, PA.  We discuss the long brewing history within the Maier family as well as the current and future happenings for SBC.  We are of course joined in studio by the always fantastic Billy from Backyard Ale House

This weeks SBC lineup:

HopFive IPA-  The delicious combination of 5 hops gives a wonderful bouquet that isn't overly bitter or aggressive and makes for an easy drinking IPA that is more in the English IPA tradition.  A great IPA to try if you are new to the style!

Southern Rye IPA-  Brewed for the wonderful Philly Beer Week events, this Rye IPA is absolutely incredible.  perfect balance between all the malts and hops to deliver a subtle spice from the rye that does not overpower and the great hop lineup will be a favorite for all hopheads!

So-Wheat- This Bavarian styled hefeweizen is very easy drinking and perfect to have on hand all year round.  We were treated to a wonderful combination of So Wheat and fresh apple cider for a great Apple Shandy that really helps to ring in the fall season!

Oktoberfest-  Brewed as a historical interpretation of the Märzen, a topic that we covered in last weeks show.  This is true to the German tradition and is more malt forward than many other American interpretations of the style.

Pumpkin Ale- A sessionable pumpkin ale!  While many pumpkin ales this time of the year lean more towards 8%-9% ABV, it is refreshing to see a take on the style that is more reserved and is only 4.8% ABV, but still packs a lot of the wonderful pumpkin spice aromas and flavors that we all love this time of year!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 20, 2014 Show

This week in honor of Oktoberfest officially kicking off in Munich, Germany we are talking and drinking all things Oktoberfest!  We have a great lineup of beers ranging from traditional German recipes to some great American takes on the style.  We were also joined in studio by the always wonderful Billy from Backyard Ale House in Scranton, PA and local German beer connoisseur Lee Burke! Prost!

This weeks beer lineup:

Ayinger- Oktoberfest - Märzen:  The quintessential example of a traditional German Oktoberfest beer.  The smooth malty character is in balance the hops for a highly drinkable beer, a must have for fans of all lagers!

Gordon Biersch- Festbier:  A great take on the style by the American based German experts at Gordon Biersch.  A slightly drier and hoppier version than the Ayinger, this is a brewery that knows how to brew great German beers!

Sierra Nevada:  The one that took many of us by surprise.  This is a bit hoppier than traditional versions, but the heftier malt backs it up nicely.  Also the highest ABV of the day at 6.2%, a fantastic beer, but one should expect nothing less from Sierra Nevada!  one not of warning, this beer is now only available in Sierra Nevada fall variety packs!

Firestone Walker- Oaktoberfest:  Smooth, easy drinking, perfect balance, and slight hop bite... this is a beer that ticks all the right boxes.  Firestone Walker is a brewery that can do no wrong in our eyes and that is certainly true with this beer!

Ninkasi Brewing Company- Oktoberfest: This is the first year Ninkasi is brewing this beer and they certainly got it right the first time out.  A fantastic take on the style that is highly drinkable with a delicious malt backbone, an absolute must have for all!

Ballast Point- Dead Ringer:  Ballst Point has been releasing this beer as draft only for a few years now and due to the popularity it is now available in bottles for the first time.  It is easy to see why so many loved this beer, the malt and hops play perfectly with one another.  Ballast Point has done it again with another world class beer!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 13, 2014

This week we examined the fantastic San Francisco based 21st Amendment Brewery through drinking of course and also talking with owner Shaun "Sully" O'Sullivan!  We were joined in studio by the always enjoyable and knowledgable Backyard Billy from Backyard Ale House and returning guest Jason Jerecki to partake in these wonderful beers.

This weeks beer lineup:

Bitter American: An unbelievably flavorful and balanced American Pale Ale that is also extremely sessionable at 4.4% ABV.  An incredible beer that should be a great go to anytime you are out for an evening!

He Said Pumpkin Belgian Tripel: A collaboration beer with the also great Elysian Brewing Company this Belgian styled Tripel is enhanced with delicate spices and pumpkin for a unique spin on the popular pumpkin beer craze.  A must try for pumpkin beer fans, also try the Baltic Porter with pumpkin that comes in the special 4 packs with this beer!

Brew Free or Die!: One of the best American IPA's on the market.  Very balanced with hop presence throughout but dried out perfectly and leaves you wanting more and more and more and more!

Back in Black: Another great take on a style this time the Black IPA.  If you have had a Black IPA in the past and were maybe a little put off by it than do yourself a favor and try this one.  The roasted malts are kept in check and the hop selection perfectly compliments the overall beer.

Hop Crisis: One of the best DIPA's on the market! (are you picking up on a theme here?)  This 9.7% ABV DIPA drinks like a session IPA and has a ton of flavor locked within and the oak stave adds even more depth to this beer.  The only knock to it is that it is WAY too drinkable for being 9.7% ABV... a MUSt try!

Lower De Boom: This 11.5% ABV American Barley wine pack a wallop and lives up to its names.  The hops dropped out a bit from this sample from 2013 and leaves behind a sweet malt backbone with a fair amount of booziness.  Barley wine fans rejoice your favorite style can be enjoyed in a can!

We also had another amazing giveaway this week from 21A!

Monday, September 8, 2014

September 6, 2014 Show

This week we drink and discuss all things Cleveland as we enjoy the great beers from Great Lakes Brewing Company!  This week we are joined by the wonderful Billy from Backyard Ale House in Scranton, PA and the all things Cleveland super fan Rocky Rhodes from 98.5 KRZ!  We also enjoy a great special beer brought back by Billy from his recent trek to Vermont!

This weeks beer lineup from Great lakes:

Elliot Ness- A super smooth and highly drinkable lager that features a deep amber color and imparts a slight sweetness in the beer.  Fans of lager will love this beer!

Burning River- A great example of a perfectly balanced pale ale.  The hops are present but do not dominate as some "pale ales" have been known to do in recent times.  Balance and drinkability are the highlights of this world class beer.

Commodore Perry- This English styled IPA features a strong hop presence but more reserved than the west coast IPA's many American craft beer drinkers have become accustomed to in recent years.  Very smooth and a great mouthfeel and maintains a great balance and is not dominate in hops or malt.

Edmund Fitzgerald- An absolute world class example of the porter style.  notes of chocolate and coffee dance throughout with a slight hop bitterness dancing on the tongue.  A porter than can be enjoyed long in to the night and a must try for all fans of dark beer.

Nosferatu- This seasonal imperial red features the wonderfully creepy and classic vampire Nosferatu.  The beer is a beautiful red amber with hop highlights balanced against a sweet malt, at 8% ABV no hint of alcohol heat which means this be careful because like Nosferatu, this beer can bite you!

This week we featured a fantastic giveaway from the Great Lakes Brewing Company, one lucky winner took home all of this!

More proof that is pays to listen live!!

Our super extra special beer this week was provided by Billy after a return trip from Vermont.  Billy brought us the unbelievable Abner Imperial IPA from Hill Farmstead Brewery.  This beer is full of incredible IPA characteristics and a veritable hop bouquet in the aroma and nose.  It rivals some of the best IPA's available on the market, even the renowned Heady Topper from fellow Vermont brewer The Alchemist.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August 30, 2014 Show

This week we drink and discuss the world class Deschutes Brewery with this amazing lineup of beers!  We were joined by Deschutes Brewery rep Jeremy for an inside look at the brewery and were also of course joined in studio by the always enjoyable Billy from Backyard Ale House to discuss some of the happenings at the bar!

This weeks beer lineup from Deschutes includes:

Mirror Pond Ale:  A textbook example of the pale ale style with a sweet malt backbone and subtle hints of hops throughout.  Extremely easy drinking and well balanced, everything you could want from a pale ale!

Black Butte Porter:  The porter style is one that many craft beer newbies sadly overlook in their excitement for IPA's, but thankfully Deschutes paid a lot of attention to the style.  Black Butte Porter is their flagship beer and has been that way since the breweries inception.  One sip of this beer and you will gain a new perspective on the porter style with its rich chocolate and subtle coffee hints and enjoyably smooth body, this is a beer that you could drink for days!

Black Butte XXVI Birthday Reserve:  This beefed up version of Black Butte Porter tips the scales at 10.2% ABV and is full of intense flavors and aroma.  Strong notes of chocolate, vanilla, and coffee seemingly dance with hints of pomegranates and cranberries that impart a subtle tart finish.  Very easy drinking despite the high ABV, hunt this beer down and also get 2 bottles and let one age for a bit, it is said to be even better after a year of aging!

Obsidian Stout:  One of the most popular American Stouts in the craft beer industry with its rich and luscious chocolate and coffee notes give way to hop flavors that melt into one another.  The 6.4% ABV is a pleasant surprise and is not apparent at all in the beer, so be careful on this one as it drinks like a good stout should but has a bit more heft to it, another must try!

Fresh Squeezed IPA:  The bee that was the darling of the Beer Geek Festival this past April makes it triumphant return to the show!  Quite possibly one of the most easy drinking IPA's available, it is extremely fresh with hops apparent throughout the nose and taste but without being overwhelming bitter.  It is perfectly balanced and leaves a dry finish.  Just find this beer already and drink it all down!

Doppel Dinkel Bock: This collaboration between Deschutes and Distelhauser produced one fantastic beer!  Somewhere between a Doppelbock and a Weizenbock lies this beer with a strong malt backbone and notes of bananas, cloves, caramel, and toffee all play off one another.  The 10.5% will also sneak up on you fast, a limited brew but worth hunting down if you are a Doppelbock fan!

We also had this amazing giveaway for listeners this week provided by our good friends at Deschutes Brewery!

If you are looking for Deschutes Brewery beer in your area, try checking with the brewery's beer finder here, and don't worry they are a brewery on the move and are expanding into new markets!