Sunday, December 7, 2014

December 6, 2014

This week we are taking a look at the fantastic Boulevard Brewing Company from Kansas City and are joined in studio by our pseudo- beer geek Ed and Bill from Backyard Ale House.  We were joined in conversation by brewer Jeremy Danner from Boulevard as well!

This weeks beer lineup:

Unfiltered Wheat:  This wonderfully light and crisp wheat ale proves that if done right this is a style that can be enjoyed year round!

80 Acre Hoppy Wheat:  The addition of bright citrus hops makes this beer a phenomenal hybrid beer that is a cross between an American Wheat and IPA and has something for everyone.

Pop Up Session IPA:  A session IPA is typically thought to be too thin for many who love IPA's, but this is a session IPA that still has a wonderful malt backbone and proves that great things can come in small packages!

Double Wide IPA:  Easily one of the best Double IPA's on the market.  A solid malt backbone provides enough heft to to hold the hops in suspension

Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale: An 8.5% ABV Saison that truly shows how great American brewers just may be able to take a Belgian style and do it better!

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 22, 2014 Show

This week we are drinking and discussing the great PA brewery Saucony Creek Brewing Company with owner Matt Lindenmuth joining us via telephone from Colorado and in studio brewery rep Jeff O'Brien sits down with us.  Joining the show as always is Backyard Billy from Backyard Ale House!

This weeks beer lineup is slightly different than pictured, we enjoyed:

Roxie's Golden Bananas:  This delicious wheat beer has hints of bananas present but no way near as sweet as might be expected when one hears "fruit" beer.  A very refreshing wheat beer!

Schnickelfritz (not pictured):  A FANTASTIC imperial milk stout with sweet notes of chocolate and cherries with hints of coffee.  A fantastic stout that is perfect for winter!

Maple Mistress: Roasted butternut squash adds a smooth mouthfeel and makes an appearance on the back end in this spiced beer that will quickly take your number one spot on pumpkin beer lists.  Maple syrup is dominate in aroma and taste and balanced perfectly against the spices, not only great for a fall but should be enjoyed year round!

North Ramp Stout:  Fresh brewed coffee in a perfectly balanced American stout that leaves a semi-dry finish, textbook example of the style and a must try for fans of coffee and stouts!

We enjoyed all the beers but time did not permit us to get all of them on live, but rest assured Saucony Creek's beers are all fantastic!

We also gave away this great Saucony Creek T-Shirt and subscription to All About Beer Magazine

November 15, 2014

If there is a brewery that needs no introduction it is Stone Brewing Co. and if there is a brewmaster that also needs no introduction it's Stone's brewmaster Mitch Steele!  This week we are lucky enough to drink some of Stone's best beers and discuss the brewery with Mitch Steele himself.  Joining us in the studio is Backyard Billy from Backyard Ale House and our good friend Ed for a rousing conversation about this world class brewery that is slowly taking over the world!

This weeks beer lineup included:

Stone Stochasticity Hibiscusity: This Belgian ale is enhanced with flavors of hibiscus and orange peel.  Semi-tart notes are apparent which can make one think of a sour beer, but it is not nearly as puckering, but is very enjoyable and a unique take on  the style.

Stone Stochasticity Master of Disguise: A golden stout, yes a golden stout.  This beer pours a clear golden color with roasted coffee notes present that has strong aromatics of a perfectly brewed coffee stout with a mouthfeel to match.  Not only is it unique but it is FANTASTIC!

Enjoy By 12.05.14 IPA:  This DIPA has been dominating each time it is released.  The freshness of the hops is unmatched and the strong malt backbone gives this beer its heft.  Rivals any Pliny Heady, or (insert popular DIPA here) on the market now, but made even better by its availability!

Double Bastard: American Strong Ale is the beefed up brother to Arrogant Bastard, it was described on the show as a perfectly aged and balanced Barleywine, that seems very apt.  No matter what you want to call it, it is a world class beer!

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November 8, 2014 Show

This week we were fortunate enough to drink and discuss Lagunitas Brewing Company with owner Tony Magee!  We were joined in studio by the one and only Backyard Billy from Backyard Ale House and some surprise drop in guests from the soon to open Celestial Brewing Company from right here in NEPA!

This weeks beer lineup included:

Lagunitas IPA:  One of the first truly West coast IPA's that was done first and still may be the best!  Highly drinkable and enjoyable, if you have not had this IPA then you don't know IPA's!

Lagunitas Born Yesterday Pale Ale:  A brand new beer from the brewery that was bottled the previous Monday and sent out to store shelves throughout the West coast.  A very drinkable Pale Ale with tons of hop character and a solid malt backbone.  WORLD CLASS!

Lagunitas Sucks:  A DIPA with tons of hop flavors and a sticky sweet malt backbone, simply delicious!

Hop Stoopid:  As the name says, this is a hop punch to the palate boasting 102 IBU's!  A perfectly dry finish leaves you wanting more.  It rivals many of the top DIPA's that are on the market and in many ways surpasses, namely due to the availability throughout the country!

Imperial Red:  The sweet malts from this sit perfectly with the piney citrus hops.  Eay to see why many call this their true go to beer.

Imperial Stout:  The rich coffee and bitter dark chocolate notes prove that Lagunitas not only can brew world class IPA's but also know their way around great stouts as well!

This weeks giveaway featured a ton of great items from Lagunitas Brewing Company as well as a copy of Tony's amazing book So You Want to Start a Brewery?

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Sunday, November 2, 2014

November 1, 2014 Show

This week we are drinking and talking all things Fegley's Brew Works with the wonderful Anthony Wardle from the brewery.  We are joined in studio by a slew of guests this week with the always enjoyable Backyard Billy on hand from the Backyard Ale House in Scranton, PA, Chef Gene Philbin from Peculiar Culinary, and Blaze from RC 14 in Wilkes Barre!

This weeks beer lineup:

Always Sunny Pale Ale:  A deliciously light and sweet pale ale with strong hop notes kept in check making for an extremely easy drinking pale ale with hints of citrus fruits, a great way to start!

Devious Imperial Pumpkin: While most of us are pumpkin beer'd out at this point Devious re-awoke our pumpkin senses with a deliciously smooth mouthfeel that makes this 9% ABV pumpkin beer perfect to transition into the colder winter months!

Rude Elf's Reserve: 10.5% ABV boasts a lot from a beer and can sometimes give off a bit of unwanted heat, but not in this beer.  Instead this delicious Belgian styled ale is so incredibly smooth and perfect for sipping during a cold winter night, a must try for all the popular holiday themed beers that overwhelm shelves in the winter!

Hop Explosion:  Now the hops are starting to get pumped up a bit with this 7% ABV American IPA, strong hop bouquet comes through with hints of pine and floral on the nose and palate.  A perfectly dry finish leaves you wanting more!

Hop'solutely: This is definitely a beer that can end your night fast if you aren't careful.  The 11.5% ABV is completely hidden in this Triple IPA has a huge hop punch with a strong malt backbone.  A must try for all hopheads!!

This week also had a GREAT giveaway!

Beautiful glassware, tons of coasters, and handy key-chain bottle openers courtesy of Fegley's Brew Works and if thats not enough a 6 month subscription to the amazing All About Beer Magazine if you are not a reader of this magazine click the link and subscribe Beer Geek alumni Garrett Oliver is even a contributor!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 25, 2014 Show

This week we celebrate Halloween the best way we know how... with great beer!  We were joined in studio again by the wonderful Backyard Billy from Backyard Ale House after his week off.  There was plenty to talk about with these beers and the high ABV on them can certainly get to you over time but a great time was had by all!

This weeks beer lineup:

Starr Hill Brewery- Sabbath:  A wonderful Black IPA kicks off the show and a textbook example of the style to say the least!  Rich roasted malt notes of bitter chocolate and coffee are perfectly complemented by pine and citrus hops, a must try for fans of darker beers and IPA's alike!

Clown Shoes- Undead Party Crasher:  This 10% ABV American Imperial Stout packs a wallop of flavor and also has an extremely smooth mouthfeel that you will want to enjoy for a long time.  Notes of chocolate and coffee abound and this has to be one of the best American Imperial Stout's currently available, another homerun from Clown Shoes!

Left Hand Brewing Company- Wake Up Dead:  Slowly we are climbing the ABV ranks and this 10.2% ABV is a slight step above the previous in ABV, but shows no sign of it.  This Russian Imperial Stout has a tad bit drier of a finish when compared to the previous and is full of rich dark chocolate, coffee, licorice, and dark red fruits that all melt into one another.  A perfectly smooth sipping beer, also widely available in bottle in Nitro form... another must try!

Avery Brewing Company- Rumpkin:  The behemoth of the day clocking in at 16.73% ABV this is certainly an Imperial Pumpkin Ale!  Avery has been brewing this delicious seasonal for 4 years now and it seems to get better every year.  This years batch is a bit sweeter when compared to some of the previous, but it is highly drinkable and shows no sign of alcohol heat from the rum.  A must try pumpkin ale for try pumpkin beer fans!

We also had another fantastic giveaway this week that included even more than what is pictured here.

In addition to another wonderful coffin shaped wall mounted bottle opener from Grave Openers (visit to pick one up for yourself!), skull glassware, Avery stickers, and plastic spigot for  making your own pumpkin keg there also was a copy of the fantastic book from Beer Geek alum. Patrick Dawson, Vintage Beer a must read for all who are interested in learning the fine art of aging beer!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 18, 2014 Show

This week we are returning to the pumpkin beer style because there are just too many with limited time to enjoy them to contain the topic to one show.  We are joined in studio this week by the wonderful Pat from Backyard Ale House in Scranton and Rich from the incredible NEPA Scene.

This weeks beer lineup:

Shipyard Brewing Company- Smashed Pumpkin: Shipyard is known for their Pumpkinhead ale, a light easy drinking pumpkin ale but this beefed up 9% ABV pumpkin ale takes their beer to a new area.  The rich notes of sweet malts and pumpkin spices are in balance with a touch of alcohol heat on the back end remind you that this is a beer to be respected!

Weyerbacher Brewing Company- Imperial Pumpkin Ale: If you live in PA you know and love this pumpkin ale.  This has long been the go to pumpkin ale for many in our immediate listening area.  If you are a fan of pumpkin beers, find this and drink it, you will LOVE it!

Southern Tier Brewing Company- Warlock: Fans of Pumking , you must try Warlock!  This imperial pumpkin stouts is a perfect blend of all that we love about Pumking but with delicious roasted malts characteristics of an imperial stout, easy description: pumpkin pie cheesecake drizzled with dark chocolate with a delicious Italian coffee.

Sam Adams- Fat Jack: Smooth, smooth, and smooth really sum up this beer.  It is an incredibly easy drinking beer with a rich balance of malt and spices but the incredibly smooth body of this beer is the absolute highlight, the 8.5% ABV is not apparent and makes for a beer that is am ust have during the fall season!

Elysian Brewing Company- The Great Pumpkin: Last week we enjoyed Night Owl from Elysian, this time around we take on the imperial pumpkin ale the Great Pumpkin!  This is actually the first pumpkin ale to have the tag of Imperial Pumpkin and it is a big that took the style first and still holds itself as one of the best.  The rich flavors of Night Owl are present in more abundance with a delicious balance of pumpkin pie, including the crust, a must try!

Cigar City Brewing- Good Gourd:  This in such an incredibly rich and delicious ale that truly has all the right flavors of fall in perfect balance with subtle touches of sweetness from the malt.  This might be one of the most difficult ones to find from today's show, but worth the effort.  It is an incredibly delicious offering from an incredible brewery!

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