Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 12, 2014 Show

This is it, the big day of the inaugural Beer Geek Festival!  Hard to believe it has finally arrived.  We decided to kick off the fest in style by examining a brewery that is making their presence known in our area once again by staking their claim at the festival, BrewDog.  The Scottish brewery has built quite a reputation by making bold statements and delicious beer.  This week we took a look at 4 of those wonderful beers with some returning guests to the show to start the festival off on the right foot!

5 A.M. Saint- We started off a bit on the lighter side with this 5% ABV Amber Ale.  The aroma has a lot of citrus and piney hops but with a huge backbone of sweet malts present as well.  The taste matches the nose with a strong sweet malt up front with citrus and pine hop notes present throughout, but with very little hop bite if any, but still has a semi-dry finish.  A great introductory beer!

Punk IPA- This is one of the beers that BrewDog has built a strong reputation upon and with good reason, it's a great beer!  Coming in at 5.6% ABV, this beer has a nice grapefruit punch and is balanced with slight pine hops and an almost lager like mouthfeel.  A very easy drinking IPA that is a must try for IPA fans or IPA newbies!

Libertine Black Ale- The Black IPA is a style that has been gaining fans slowly but surely and with beers like this it is easy to see why!  The aroma has a strong hop presence with hints of bitter chocolate dancing in the background letting you know just what is in store!  The pine hop flavors hit strong and hard before the incredibly smooth and soothing malts wash over with flavors of bittersweet chocolate, coffee, and various roasted malts, but incredibly this beer still manages to have a dry finish and the 7.2% ABV is not detectable at all!

Hardcore IPA- This 9% ABV behemoth packs a wallop of flavors and complexities and is extremely easy drinking.  The strong malt presence is there to balance the hop bomb locked within.  Hardcore IPA proclaims itself to have 150 IBU's, whether or not you can perceive that on your palate is up for debate, but rest assured this beer is hoppy and one for true hopheads and those new to the style may want to stear clear for some time.  Rest assured we all absolutely LOVED it and highly recommend it!

There was not special secret 5th beer this week as we decided to instead use this time to talk about the incredible festival and save some drinking time for the beers at the festival!

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