Saturday, April 5, 2014

April 5, 2014 Show

This week we were joined by the wonderful Rich Howells from the Weekender.  We also took a look at one of our favorite, and we feel under-appreciated breweries, Unibroue!  Another fantastic brewery that is also making an appearance at the inaugural Beer Geek Fest!


Blanche de Chambly:  This is said to be the first Witbier brewed to the Belgian specifications brewed in North America and if that is the case than they really set the bar high with this one!  This is a fantastic example of the style with strong notes of wheat coming through with very subtle spicing but still has a very light, crisp, and refreshing characteristic that one enjoys when drinking this style of beer!

Maudite: (Pronounced Mow- debt) A fantastic example of a Belgian take on the red/ amber ale style with a lot of dark red fruit flavor in aroma and taste.  This is a very complex beer with a lot of fruit aroma both in red fruit along with citrus hops.  Absolutely no sense of the 8% ABV at all, another absolutely fantastic beer from Unibroue!

Trois Pistoles: A Belgian dark strong ale that has a lot of Abbey ale qualities and is more in line with a Belgian Dubbel.   Again notes of dark fruits with figs, plums, and dates up front balanced against the wonderful Belgian yeast strain.  A fair amount of spices present but a rich and complex beer without being to heavy on the palate.

Terrible:  do not let the name through you on this one, this beer is anything but terrible!  This is yet again classifed as a Belgian dark strong ale, but leans more towards the Belgian Quad spectrum.  An extremely flavorful, deep, rich, and engaging beer that is a definite sipper coming in at 10.5% ABV.  Let this one warm up a bit in the glass and you will really notice all the aromatics within this world class beer.

We also gave away a beautiful Unibroue glass and another pair of tickets this week to the inaugural Beer Geek Festival!  It is a week away and we can hardly believe it!  It is happening April 12, 3 PM - 7 PM at Montage Mountain, tickets are going FAST!!

This weeks super special secret beer from the dark regions within Derek's refrigerator....

Odell Brewing Company- Isolation Ale: Odell Brewing Co. is a personal favorite of Derek's and with beers like Isolation Ale it is easy to see why!  Isolation Ale is the brewery's winter warmer offering, but unlike many other winter warmers which are overly spiced and too malty, Odell gets it just right!  The aroma smells of sweet malts with light earthy hops and the taste backs that up with subtle hints of hops dancing on the palate backed with sweet caramel malts.  A great beer to drink and celebrate the end of the winter season!

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