Monday, January 26, 2015

January 17, 2015

This week we are examining the fantastic Sixpoint Brewery from New York with owner Shane Welch.  Lots of great beer and lots to discuss about this great brewery and their great beers... plus we are one of the first to try their brand new Beast Mode!

This weeks beer lineup from Sixpoint includes:

The Crisp: A fantastic German pilsner that is best described by its name crisp!  It is extremely refreshing and proof that a good pilsner is enjoyable any time of the year.

Beast Mode:  This brand new beer is a traditional take on the classic porter.  Traditional porters were much lighter in color and mouthfeel then their current counterparts and Sixpoint decided to take the clssic route with phenomenal results.  Delicious roaste malts flavors balanced with hints of hops proves that great beer never goes out of style!

Bengali: A fantastic IPA with wonderful hop aroma and taste blanaced against a sweet malt bill that makes this an IPA that you never want to put down!

Hi-Res:  This extremely beefed up 10.5% DIPA has hops in spades with a malt backbone to hold it up.  A definite sipper that is perfect for all hopheads!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January 10, 2015 Show

This week we are joined by the wonderful Mr. Jim Koch from the incredible Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams) to discuss some of their best beers available today.  Jim is a wealth of knowledge whom has seen firsthand the craft beer industry grow to where it is today.  We all owe Jim a debt of gratitude for helping to pave the way for many of the wonderful craft beers that we enjoy today.

This weeks beer lineup from Sam Adams:

Double Bock:  A rich malty beefed up Bock beer with notes of toffee and caramel and a 9.5% ABV that is completely hidden.  A must try beer!

Thirteenth Hour: A Belgian stout with strong notes of cocoa, vanilla, and Belgian yeast.  While drinking more like a Belgian Dark Strong, it is still a wonderful beer to enjoy!

Tetravis:  This Belgian Quad recently won gold at the GABF and after one sip it is easy to see why!  A rich Quad that drinks perfect fresh and doesnt require any aging.

American Kriek:  A wonderful cherry infused beer that has hints of sour, but is not as overwhelming as some sours can become and instead is a perfect beer to introduce drinkers to the sour beer style.

Utopias:  A beer with a huge reputation and a huge ABV. that ranges from 22% - 28% an extremely complex beer that drinks like a fine cognac.  It may be a bit pricey for casual beer drinkers but it is worth every penny!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 3, 2015 Show

Our first show of 2015 and we start the year off right as we drink and discuss the world class Allagash Brewing Company with brewmaster Jason Perkins!  Allagash has a stellar reputation and it is very much deserved!

This weeks beer lineup from Allagash:

Saison: Bright, fresh, and vibrant are three perfect ways to describe this textbook saison!

White: The beer hat started it all for Allagash! Light and airy yet fairly complex make this beer perfect for any season.

Tripel: Fruity aroma and tastes abound from a great yeast character with a sweet malt bill.

Dubbel:  Red fruit, caramel, and Belgian yeast combine for a semi-sweet Belgian Dubbel that again is textbook for the style (seeing a pattern yet?)

Interlude: A 9.5% sour beer that is absolutely incredible.  Sour notes are on display but not overly aggresive and instead seemingly melt into a sweet malt.  Perfect for aging!

Curieux: A bourbon barrel aged tripel packs a punch at 11% ABV but no much heat.  If you are a fan of Belgian tripels than you simply MUST try this beer!!

This week we had another incredible giveaway from our good friends at Allagash and All About Beer Magazine!  It pays to follow us on social media as we did our giveaway through Instagram this week and will be changing it up every week... so be sure to follow us!!

December 27, 2014 Show

New Year... Old beer!

As we bid farewell to 2014 we are taking a look back... but beyond 2014 and instead dig deep back into the fridge for some fantastic aged beers!  Many of these beers were provided by our wonderful sponsors Backyard Ale House (where many of them are also available) as well as from Derek's personal stash!

This weeks beer lineup:

Mikkeller- 1000 IBU (2012): Simply said... this did not hold up, despite the thought that it may have some barleyine tendencies it fell flat and was not very good.

Sierra Nevada- 30 Anniversary Barleywine (2010): This black barleywine was wonderful and still have years to go before any showing of past peak.  Dark, complex, and smooth!

Brooklyn Brewery- Black Chocolate Stout (2012): A great and affordable beer for aging!  The bitter chocolate and coffee notes have fallen into the back with strong notes of dark red fruits in the front with backing of chocolate and coffee.  The sharp flavors are perfectly rounded and it is near its peak.

North Coast- Old Rasputin 12th Anniversary (2010): This beer is at its peak with a smooth easy drinking experience and the flavors all falling in line with one another.  No alcohol heat, a must try beer!

Dogfish Head- World Wide Stout (2009): Absolutely incredible!  This 18% ABV behemoth is incredibly easy drinking with no harsh astringency and no alcohol heat.  Rich notes of caramel, toffee, chocolate, coffee all blend perfectly, a beer that must be tried!!