Thursday, April 3, 2014

March 22, 2014 Show

This week the Beer Geeks get Stone'd!  We are taking a look at the fabulous Stone Brewing Co.! Along with our special 5th beer of course!  We examine 2 of Stone's sessionable beers and 2 of their larger bees!

Stone Brewing Co.

Levitation:  This is Stone Brewing Co.'s most well known session beer that is classified in the Amber Ale style with a great hop backbone.  The ABV is 4.4% but still has a great body, full flavor, and wonderful dry finish.  A fantastic beer if you are out with friends for a night on the town!

Go To IPA: Stone Brewing Co.'s latest release and it is an amazing one!  Many craft beer lovers have been asking for a well balanced and sessionable IPA but so far these requests have been met with varying degrees of success.  However, with Stone's Go To IPA, craft beer lovers have finally found their dreams coming true!  The hops are certainly present in both aroma and taste with a perfectly dry finish.  The body is a bit on the thin side, but does not detract from the beer and is expected in a beer classified as sessionable.  A fantastic beer and a big thanks goes out to Stone Brewing Co. for bringing us a great session IPA!

2014 Old Guardian Barley Wine: Session beers are quickly left behind as we jump to this 11% ABV American Barleywine.  Barleywines are typically more enjoyable with a bit of age on them, but Old Guardian is just as enjoyable fresh.  One would expect a hop punch in this fresh barleywine, but it is surprisingly sweet in aroma and taste with a pleasant background note of pine hops.  Very easy drinking despite the high ABV, a must have for barleywine fans!

2014 Imperial Russian Stout: This 10.5% ABV Russian Imperial Stout is as delicious as it is aggressive.    The aroma is dominated by coffee, dark chocolate, and roasted malts.  While this is a beer that is not for those uninitiated to bigger styles such as Russian Imperial Stouts, it is a must try for fans of darker beers.  This is also a great beer to age and do vertical tastings with over time!

This week's special 5th beer from the dark recesses of Derek's fridge...

AleSmith Brewing Company- Speedway Stout Bourbon Barrel Aged:  Many stout lovers are familiar with Speedway Stout.  This award winning stout is full bodied, full flavored, and incredibly smooth.  The addition of the Bourbon barrel aging adds an extra layer of depth and complexity, the 12% ABV is also a nice addition!  The aroma alerts you to the Bourbon flavored inside with notes of vanilla and coconut being the most prevalent.  The vanilla and coconut flavor combine with the chocolate and coffee for an absolutely fantastic and enjoyable drinking experience.  This is definitely a sipping beer and will open up as it warms up.

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