Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 1, 2014 Show

This week we sat down and tried a variety of Double IPA's and all the hopheads rejoiced.  This is certainly a category that continues to grow with a huge variety of experimentation occurring.  Freddie was also instructed to find a guest that enjoyed hoppy beers otherwise it could have been a very difficult show!

Dogfish Head- 75 Minute IPA: This is quite easily one of the easiest drinking IPA's available today.  This is a beer that finely walks the line between IPA and DIPA as it is actually a blend of 60 Minute IPA and 90 Minute IPA that is aged with maple syrup to give it an extremely smooth and easy drinking characteristic.  The hops are certainly present but not dominant!

Coronado Brewing Co- Idiot IPA: A favorite amongst those who have had this beer, but we felt that this was a DIPA that does not get its fair shake as a fantastic example of the style.  The pine and citrus hops hit up front but is very nicely balanced against a fairly sweet malt bill.

Stone Brewing Co.- Ruination IPA:  The beer that is feared and revered amongst hopheads.  This is a beer that revels in its unbalanced flavors.  The hops hit up front, in the middle, and finish the beer off.  Although this aggressive hopping is just what you want when you purchase a beer such as this and is one that needs no introduction to IPA lovers, but one that is highly recommended if you are looking to really understand the style.

Green Flash Brewing Co.- Palate Wrecker: Again another beer that lives up to its name and is not afraid of asserting itself.  Also a big beer in the ABV range coming in at 9.5% ABV.  Despite the insane amount of hops throughout the beer it still maintains a fantastic balance.  While newbies to the style will find this one a bit more difficult to drink, once you are acclimated it is surprisingly easy drinking.  Another great IPA from a brewery that produces some of the best IPA's on the market!

This weeks special 5th beer from the dark recesses of Derek's refrigerator:

Weyerbacher Brewing  Co.- Unfiltered Double Simcoe IPA: Many IPA drinkers are familiar with Weyerbacher's fantastic Double Simcoe IPA with its heavy handed use of the Simcoe hop, but the unfiltered version that the brewery produces in limited quantities is just as enjoyable and surprisingly different.  The unfiltered version leaves more hop residue behind and imparts more tropical fruit characteristics along with a thicker body feel.  A very interesting side by side comparison if you are able to get your hands on both versions.

February 22, 2014 Show

This week we were joined by the group collectively known as 3 Guys & A Beer'd along with 4 of their tasty beverages.

Shaving Cream Ale: Their take on a classic and somewhat forgotten style.  This version actually has some lactose sugar for an extra depth of creaminess balanced against the citrus hops creates a beer that is highly drinkable and extremely approachable for anyone.

Carbond'Alien Pale Ale:  The story beyond this well balanced pale ale has to do with the supposed alien crash that occurred in Carbondale some years ago, whether or not it happened is up for debate but a beer celebrating the story is great in our book!  This very well balanced pale ale is not as hoppy as many pale ales have become now but instead stays true to the style and is highly drinkable and makes for a great session beer.

Ladder Dive Rye IPA: Poor Jon had to sacrifice his body for the naming of this beer, but it was certainly worth it!  The rye backbone of this beer combined with the hops give it a unique character and makes for a highly drinkable and unique IPA.

Malarkey Irish Style Red Ale- Another unique take on a classic style.  The subtle chocolate notes come through and create a very sweet Irish red ale that certainly stands on its own against the mass produced Irish red ales available now.

This weeks special 5th beer:

This  is absolutely a beer that lives up to its name.  Upon the first sip everyone in the studio felt the deep burn hit the back of their throats and we nearly lost a co-host with Johnny Blindside taking it the hardest.  We did have one die hard fan though with Jon declaring he could drink it all day.  If you are curious as to what our reaction was like check this video, it was very similar to these reactions!