Monday, September 8, 2014

September 6, 2014 Show

This week we drink and discuss all things Cleveland as we enjoy the great beers from Great Lakes Brewing Company!  This week we are joined by the wonderful Billy from Backyard Ale House in Scranton, PA and the all things Cleveland super fan Rocky Rhodes from 98.5 KRZ!  We also enjoy a great special beer brought back by Billy from his recent trek to Vermont!

This weeks beer lineup from Great lakes:

Elliot Ness- A super smooth and highly drinkable lager that features a deep amber color and imparts a slight sweetness in the beer.  Fans of lager will love this beer!

Burning River- A great example of a perfectly balanced pale ale.  The hops are present but do not dominate as some "pale ales" have been known to do in recent times.  Balance and drinkability are the highlights of this world class beer.

Commodore Perry- This English styled IPA features a strong hop presence but more reserved than the west coast IPA's many American craft beer drinkers have become accustomed to in recent years.  Very smooth and a great mouthfeel and maintains a great balance and is not dominate in hops or malt.

Edmund Fitzgerald- An absolute world class example of the porter style.  notes of chocolate and coffee dance throughout with a slight hop bitterness dancing on the tongue.  A porter than can be enjoyed long in to the night and a must try for all fans of dark beer.

Nosferatu- This seasonal imperial red features the wonderfully creepy and classic vampire Nosferatu.  The beer is a beautiful red amber with hop highlights balanced against a sweet malt, at 8% ABV no hint of alcohol heat which means this be careful because like Nosferatu, this beer can bite you!

This week we featured a fantastic giveaway from the Great Lakes Brewing Company, one lucky winner took home all of this!

More proof that is pays to listen live!!

Our super extra special beer this week was provided by Billy after a return trip from Vermont.  Billy brought us the unbelievable Abner Imperial IPA from Hill Farmstead Brewery.  This beer is full of incredible IPA characteristics and a veritable hop bouquet in the aroma and nose.  It rivals some of the best IPA's available on the market, even the renowned Heady Topper from fellow Vermont brewer The Alchemist.

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