Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 27, 2014 Show

This week we are joined in studio by Fred Maier from Susquehanna Brewing Company located in Pittston, PA.  We discuss the long brewing history within the Maier family as well as the current and future happenings for SBC.  We are of course joined in studio by the always fantastic Billy from Backyard Ale House

This weeks SBC lineup:

HopFive IPA-  The delicious combination of 5 hops gives a wonderful bouquet that isn't overly bitter or aggressive and makes for an easy drinking IPA that is more in the English IPA tradition.  A great IPA to try if you are new to the style!

Southern Rye IPA-  Brewed for the wonderful Philly Beer Week events, this Rye IPA is absolutely incredible.  perfect balance between all the malts and hops to deliver a subtle spice from the rye that does not overpower and the great hop lineup will be a favorite for all hopheads!

So-Wheat- This Bavarian styled hefeweizen is very easy drinking and perfect to have on hand all year round.  We were treated to a wonderful combination of So Wheat and fresh apple cider for a great Apple Shandy that really helps to ring in the fall season!

Oktoberfest-  Brewed as a historical interpretation of the Märzen, a topic that we covered in last weeks show.  This is true to the German tradition and is more malt forward than many other American interpretations of the style.

Pumpkin Ale- A sessionable pumpkin ale!  While many pumpkin ales this time of the year lean more towards 8%-9% ABV, it is refreshing to see a take on the style that is more reserved and is only 4.8% ABV, but still packs a lot of the wonderful pumpkin spice aromas and flavors that we all love this time of year!

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