Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 20, 2014 Show

This week in honor of Oktoberfest officially kicking off in Munich, Germany we are talking and drinking all things Oktoberfest!  We have a great lineup of beers ranging from traditional German recipes to some great American takes on the style.  We were also joined in studio by the always wonderful Billy from Backyard Ale House in Scranton, PA and local German beer connoisseur Lee Burke! Prost!

This weeks beer lineup:

Ayinger- Oktoberfest - Märzen:  The quintessential example of a traditional German Oktoberfest beer.  The smooth malty character is in balance the hops for a highly drinkable beer, a must have for fans of all lagers!

Gordon Biersch- Festbier:  A great take on the style by the American based German experts at Gordon Biersch.  A slightly drier and hoppier version than the Ayinger, this is a brewery that knows how to brew great German beers!

Sierra Nevada:  The one that took many of us by surprise.  This is a bit hoppier than traditional versions, but the heftier malt backs it up nicely.  Also the highest ABV of the day at 6.2%, a fantastic beer, but one should expect nothing less from Sierra Nevada!  one not of warning, this beer is now only available in Sierra Nevada fall variety packs!

Firestone Walker- Oaktoberfest:  Smooth, easy drinking, perfect balance, and slight hop bite... this is a beer that ticks all the right boxes.  Firestone Walker is a brewery that can do no wrong in our eyes and that is certainly true with this beer!

Ninkasi Brewing Company- Oktoberfest: This is the first year Ninkasi is brewing this beer and they certainly got it right the first time out.  A fantastic take on the style that is highly drinkable with a delicious malt backbone, an absolute must have for all!

Ballast Point- Dead Ringer:  Ballst Point has been releasing this beer as draft only for a few years now and due to the popularity it is now available in bottles for the first time.  It is easy to see why so many loved this beer, the malt and hops play perfectly with one another.  Ballast Point has done it again with another world class beer!

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