Wednesday, August 13, 2014

August 9, 2014 Show

This week we drink and discuss aged beer with a great selection of styles to showcase aged beer and also learn how to properly age beer in your beer cellar with author of Vintage Beer Patrick Dawson.  We were also joined in studio by our wonderful guest Billy from Backyard Ale House.  It was a great show with a lot of great information and of course GREAT beer!

Beer Lineup:

Allagash Brewing Company- Golden Brett:  This world class sour beer kicked things off with a great sour tart character that seemed to sooth the palate while at the same time deliver that puckering quality we love in sour beers.  A rare one from May 2013, but definitely holding up well and is a true showcase for the wonders of Brett!

North Coast Brewing Company- Old Stock Ale Cellar Reserve (2011)- Words simply can not do enough justice for this beer. It is truly on a level of its own.  Strong aroma of cherries, chocolate, vanilla, pretty much everything delicious and sweet that you can imagine is in this beer.  The complexities run deep and it also tips the scales at 15.2% ABV, so this is certainly a sipping beer, an absolute MUST TRY!!

Avery Brewing Company- Hog Heaven: A 2013 bottle of this dry hopped barley wine.  It carries itself like a super beefed up DIPA but with great balance and high drinkability, another big one at 10% ABV, another sipper, but very enjoyable and fans of barley wines will want to hunt this one down!

Brew Dog- Rip Tide (2009)- This 5 year old bottle of imperial stout still holds up pretty strong and imparts a wide array of flavors from coffee to chocolate to hints of red fruits.  At 8% ABV it is surprising how well this beer held up over time, if you can find this one around don't be afraid of the date, crack it open and give it a try!

Thirsty Dog- Wulver (2012)- This Scottish Wee Heavy was aged in bourbon barrels for an extra kick and the flavor profile on this beer reaches far beyond typical Wee Heavy beers.  The bourbon barrel impart strong notes and flavors of coconut and vanilla, but flavors of chocolate and hints of coffee also come through, another sipping beer, but a great one!

After talking with Patrick Dawson we also gave away a FANTASTIC copy of his book Vintage Beer, the aging beer topic is covered in much more depth in this book and is highly recommended reading, check it out by clicking the cover below!

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