Monday, August 18, 2014

August 16, 2014 Show

This week we drank and discussed all things Brooklyn Brewery with the one and only Garrett Oliver!  The man is a wealth of beer knowledge and always great to talk to and we of course enjoyed just a small sample of the amazing beers from Brooklyn Brewery.  However, we did have one small change to the lineup right before airtime we swapped Pennant Ale for Post Road Pumpkin Ale, it's getting to be that time of year!

The Beer Lineup:

Post Road Pumpkin Ale:  This is an extremely sessionable pumpkin ale and comes in at 5% ABV but still has that wonderful pumpkin aroma and taste that we love in the fall season.  It is brewed more to be a traditional pumpkin ale than the newcomers that can become over the top spice bombs.

Brooklyn Blast- At 8.4% ABV this DIPA is surprisingly sessionable and easy drinking.  Brewed more towards the East coast style of IPA's and not intended to be a hop bomb, but still delivers the goods that hop heads enjoy.

Sorachi Ace- The first repeat beer on our show and it is making it's second appearance for good reason, it's a fantastic beer!  This Saison is brewed with a wonderful dosing of Sorachi Ace hops that impart a delicious bouquet of lemons, words cannot fully describe how great this beer truly is, so try it for yourself!

Local 1- Brooklyn Belgian Pale Ale again is surprisingly sessionable despite it's 9% ABV.  In fact Garrett informed us that a sign needed to be hung in the brewery to warn drinkers of the higher ABV, delicious Belgian aromas and flavors abound!

Local 2- WOW! What a great beer, again at 9% with no alcohol heat, this Belgian Dark Strong Ale is also imparted with honey and sweet orange peel.  The dark rich characteristics of this beer must be experienced first hand.

We also had a fantastic prize pack to give away this week, a signed copy of Garrett Oliver's AMAZING book The Brewmaster's Table.  If you do not own a copy of this book already, click on the cover below and get a copy now!

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