Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 2, 2014 Show

In honor of Mead Day we are drinking and discussing some great commercially available versions of the style as well as some homebrewed versions brought in by our special guests this week.  The discussion ranges from history to style guidelines to variations within the style and we even go into some unexpected and hilarious areas, it is a GREAT show packed with A LOT of great information!

Mead Lineup:

Chaucer's Mead-  The most widely available mead in the United States currently, it has a very clean profile with a smooth body and a sweet honey aroma and finish, great introductory mead for the style.

B. Nektar- Kill All the Golfers: B. Nektar Meadery is an upcoming meadery from MI that is not afraid to experiment with the style.  This statement is proven with their wonderful take on the mead style with this wonderful example, the honey notes take a back seat to iced tea and lemon flavors and all blend wonderfully to create a wonderful Arnold Palmer-like taste (but MUCH better of course!) a must try for those who say "I have had meads and I don't like them."  Also the 6% ABV is great and makes this a pretty sessionable mead!

Moon Light Meadery- Desire: Moonlight Meadery is certainly leading the charge of quality meads and this is their flagship mead and it is easy to see why this meadery is winning over fans everywhere they go.  Strong notes of blueberries, black cherries and blackcurrants meld with honey for an incredibly smooth mead and the 16.7% ABV is completely hidden!

We also partook in some homebrewed meads brought in by our lovely guests from the Scranton Brewers Guild and we of course had another great giveaway this week featuring a book helping to introduce meadmaking at home!

Making Wild Wines and Meads gives some introductory lessons and great started recipes for those looking to make meads and other types of wine at home!  Click on the cover below to check the book out for yourself!


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