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May 31, 2014 Show

Sierra Nevada Brewing Companywas on the bill today as we examined their wonderful new 4 Way IPA variety pack and we also tacked on the world class DIPA Hoptimum to round the show out!  We also had a wonderful giveaway this week in the form of Beyond the Pale, the true story of how Sierra Nevada formed and became the top notch craft brewery it is today, written by the one and only Ken Grossman!

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company:

Snow Wit: This is Sierra Nevada's take on the white IPA style, emphasis being on the white or wit in this case.  The hops are certainly present in this beer, but it is much more suited in the Belgian Witbier category.  If there was to be a side by side tasting between this beer and a trditional wit the hops would jump out at you in a much stronger fashion, however in this beer they are more of a background note.  Not a knock to the beer at all though, it is refreshing an enjoyable, a perfect summer beer!

Nooner: Session IPA's are quickly becoming the next big thing for many breweries, mainly due to the sheer popularity of American IPA's, it is important to note the AmericaN IPA as the English has been brewing session IPA's since the styles inception!  Many craft beer lovers have longer for more sessionable, lighter beers to enjoy instead of higher ABV and more filling beers that are the norm for most craft beers.  Nooner certainly holds its own and is a very drinkable and well balanced IPA with strong notes of citrus, mainly grapefruit, coming through in the nose and taste.  I long for the day when someone asks their bartender for a Nooner with a straight face!

Blindfold: Now the darker stuff as we enter the Black IPA category.  Another wonderfully balanced beer and not the first Black IPA we have discussed from Sierra Nevada, we have previously mentioned their amazing DevESTATEtion Black IPA.  Strong notes of coffee and bitter chocolate come from this beer and are balanced wonderfully against earthy citrus hops.  The body is certainly more full on this one, but it is still very easy drinking and despite the heavier color and mouthfeel, it still leave the palate light and refreshed.

Torpedo: This American IPA, labeled as an Extra IPA, is the only beer in the variety pack that had a previous existence.  This is hands down one of the best IPA's on the market and has all the wonderful qualities we crave from an IPA, especially the very dry finish.  The malt bill is a bit heftier in this beer and is balanced perfectly against citrus and pine hops that give way to a clean and dry finish, when doing a tasting against the other IPA's this exceptionally dry finish certainly stands out.  If you have not had this beer and are an IPA fan, go get some, heck you can even get it in cans now!

Hoptimum:  The rare beer for this week, it is only rare because it is a beer that is in high demand and each year the moment it hits shelves it seems to disappear.  This 10.4% ABV behemoth packs a punch in the malt department and is balanced against 100 IBU's and the hops do not let up one bit.  There is a reason that this beer is so sought out for and that is because it is a perfectly balanced 10.4% DIPA that presses all the right buttons for what we look for in a DIPA, go and try to find this one!

If you are looking for any Sierra Nevada beers check here

We also had a great giveaway this week in the form of a book written by owner and founder of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company ken Grossman.  It is a great story of a homebrewers working his way up to building one of America's largest craft breweries.  A must read for all craft beer fans as it gives you a true insight to the beer landscape this country faced not too long ago!  Pick up a copy for yourself by clicking on the cover below!

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