Sunday, June 8, 2014

June 7, 2014

This week we decided to take it in the can!  The big push for craft breweries is towards packaging their beers in cans and as a result we have a wide array of great craft beers available to us in cans!  This week we took a look at a very small sample, but a very good sample, of craft beers available in cans.  We of course continued in our lovely giveaways to further promote knowledge of craft beer!

Boston Beer Company (Sam Adams)- Summer Ale- This is a beer that Sam Adams has been brewing for quite some time now, but only recently has moved this great summer tradition into cans.  The beer itself is a pale wheat ale with a light amount of spicing from grains of paradise and a touch of lemon zest.  The resulting beer is light, refreshing, and a great beer to have a few cans of in your backpack during your next summer outting!

Anchor Brewing Company- California Lager- Anchor released this beer for the first time last year to rave reviews.  This year they decided to start packaging it in cans.  This is a very clean lager with a lot of flavor, but certainly not heavy on the palate.  Graham cracker notes from the malt balance with fruity notes from the hops to create a perfectly balanced and extremely easy drinking lager that is great for the summer!

21st Amedment- Brew Free! or Die IPA- 21st Amendment is a brewery that put all of their beers exclusively in to cans and has been a frontrunner in the movement itself.  Brew Free! or Die is a perfectly balanced IPA with a lot of hop flavor, predominantly floral backed by citrus and just a hint of pine, but with a strong malt backbone to handle it all and create perfect balance.  A very lovely dry finish is in store with this great beer, another must try beer from a fantastic brewery!

Ska Brewing- Modus Hoperandi-  Those living out West know of this beer and it's reputation certainly precedes it and very few times can beers live up to their reputation, except in the case of Modus Hoperandi it is all absolutely true!  A lovely little hop bomb that still provides great balance behind, strong citrus notes backed by sweet malt and medium body makes this an extremely easy drinking IPA.  It is easy to see why this is the big seller for Ska Brewing!

Surly Brewing Company- Furious- We round the show out with another beer that tends towards the  harder to get side of the spectrum.  Surly Brewing Company is located in Minnesota and has beers that rarely make it out of that state, but those who have had the fortune to try them do nothing but sing their praises.  Furious is a beer that many hopheads have heard about.  The malt backbone is present just in appearance, this is certainly the darkest beer of the day, the aroma and taste are dominated by piney hops backed with a bit of citrus and some toffee in the nose and taste.  The body is set firmly into the medium category and has an extremely pleasing dry finish.  It is is to see why people are clambering to get this beer, it is absolutely world class!

We also had another lovely giveaway this week featuring a Sam Adams Cold Snap glass along with the wonderfully written Beer for Dummies.  Don't worry though, this is certainly not a beer book that will make you feel stupid or is only written for the unedcuated.  Check this book out for yourself it has a ton of great information including: style guidelines, beer pairings, recipes, and much much more!  if you are interested click on the photo below to pick a copy up for yourself!

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