Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 21, 2014 Show

This week we tried something a little different with our first ever blind tasting, for the first attempt with the format we used the American IPA.  We were joined by our 2 wonderful guests Chris and Ed and we each brought our favorite IPA on the show to do battle.

The idea was 2 fold, 1 to see if we were each able to pick out our favorite against the others and also see if there was a true winner amongst all the IPA's.

The breakdown of who brought which beer was as such:

Ed- Sierra Nevada: Torpedo
Chris- Ithaca Beer Company: Flower Power
Dr. Johnny Blindside- Green Flash- West Coast IPA
Derek- Odell Brewing Co.- Odell IPA

This week we were joined by guest host extraordinaire Kyle who served as pourer and and judge as well!

After all the beers had been poured and all the drinking done we voted for our favorites and also tried to pick apart which beer was which and after all the total were counted, we had a winner!

Yes that's right Odell IPA wins again as one of the best American IPA's available on the market!  If you would like to hunt this world class beer down for yourself check out Odell Brewing Co.

The final beer of the beer was from Stone Brewing Co. and it was their absolutely AMAZING RuinTen IPA.  It was first brewed as an anniversary beer for the 10th anniversary of the wonderful Ruination IPA, but with more hops and more malt to top it off at 10.8% ABV.  This is certainly not a beer for the timid and it full of delicious hop aromas and tastes ranging from light citrus to dank and delectable.   A wonderful way to finish off an IPA filled show, be on the lookout for this beer as it is hitting shelves now!  Derek actually did a write up on previously, check that out here.

We also has a great giveaway this week featuring some prizes and glassware from the winning brewery Odell along with a FANTASTIC book that contains all the information you need to really get started on the path to true beer geekery, Tasting Beer by the wonderful Randy Mosher.  If you are a craft beer fan that this is an absolute must have book on your shelf!  Click on the photo below to read more about it and pick up a copy for yourself!

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