Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January 4, 2014 Show

This week we were joined by some of Freddies good friends Jerry Haggerty from Haggerty's Bar in Scranton and Woody, just simply Woody!  We all had a blast and the guys were exposed to some new craft beers and both were surprised by how much they enjoyed some of them, but the Beer Geeks don't bring bad beer!

The lineup was chosen based upon picking craft beers that are great to try for newcomers and we ran the tasting from left to right (see picture) starting out light and ending in the dark, and we ended the show with a surprise treat for the boys!

Sierra Nevada- Pale Ale: Another absolute standard and standout beer in the craft beer world. Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale is the beer that introduced a huge percentage of beer drinks to craft beer and despite it being a great introductory beer, it is still a go to beer for many craft beer drinkers.

Wells and Young's- Wells Banana Bread Beer:  This is the beer that as everyone entered the studio the guests were most intrigued by and were eager to try, but with some hesitation as they were unsure as to what they should expect.  This beer is absolutely what it says and truly is banana bread in a glass in both the aroma and taste and is simply a beer that you have to try just for the experience.

Samuel Smith's Old Brewery- The Famous Taddy Porter: This is a beer that does not need a lot of description and is just a must try if you are a fan of darker beers.  It has 100 scores on Rate Beer and Beer Advocate for a reason!

Wells and Young's- Young's Double Chocolate Stout: Ending the tasting strong and dark with a great dessert beer.  This stout explodes with chocolate but does not become overly sweet and keeps a great balance and dryness.

We ended the show by showing the boys how to make a delicious chocolate covered banana bread drink by pouring a 50/50 mix of Young's Double Chocolate Stout and Wells Banana Bread Beer, everyone was very happy!

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