Wednesday, January 15, 2014

December 21, 2013 Show

We were visited this week by James Callahan and Betty from The Rattler in Wilkes Barre.  Not onlydid we all have a blast talking about fun stories of Marilyn Manson, but we had some great beers.  Unfortunately we do not have a pic of the beer lineup from this week, but we were fortunate enough to have:

Dogfish Head Brewery- Piercing Pils: A new entry to the market and a wonderfully straight forward Pilsner with addition of pear giving an extra layer of sweetness but still great balance. A great beer to give to friends who have still not made the switch from mass marketed beer to craft beer.

Boulder Beer Company- Shake Chocolate Porter: The runaway hit from the show and with good reason.  This porter has a fantastic kick of chocolate and offers the drinker enough complexity and sweetness but does not overwhelm the palate and is just a dream beer to have with desserts.

Green Flash Brewing Company- West Coast IPA: This semi-aggressive West Coast IPA certainly has a good hop bite, but is not off putting to newbies to the IPA style.  The hop aroma dances from the glass and the hops are certainly present up front but the beer manages to have a perfectly dry finish.

Brouwerij Huyghe- Delirium Noël:  We could not have our last show before Christmas go by without breaking open a bottle of one of our favorite holiday beers.  This Belgian Strong Dark Ale present very rich and fruity notes with a fair amount of dark fruits present, candy sugar,  as well as that wonderful Belgian yeast aroma. A great way to enjoy the holidays!

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