Monday, January 27, 2014

January 25, 2014 Show

This week we were joined by Chris and Mark from Breaker Brewing Company in Wilkes Barre, PA.  They brought with them just a sampling of their FANTASTIC beers.  We were able to enjoy their:

Lunch Pail Ale: A wonderfully balanced Pale Ale that has the perfect balance of hop character without becoming too overwhelming with a sweet malt bill that still provides a light and very easy drinking beer.

Columbus Single Hop IPA:  This was a brand new experimental batch that was just released earlier in the week.  The Columbus hop was used throughout the brewing process and truly showcases what this hop is capable of producing.  It was a semi-aggresive IPA with a lot of pine character coming through up front, but still managed to have a very dry finish.

Blast Cap Coffee IPA: One word sums up this fantastic beer, WOW!  The boys really brewed up a special one here by blending together a perfectly balanced IPA with fresh brewed coffee and coffee beans!  The color still managed to be that of a traditional IPA but with strong coffee aroma and a great additional bittering element that played off the hop flavor perfectly.

Abandoned Mine Barley Wine: This 10% ABV behemoth was just incredible.  The flavors of vanilla and bourbon were perfect background notes and the sweet malt bill made this an incredible barley wine.  The only negative is the high alcohol is so well hidden that drinking 5 of these would be easy, but that 10% ABV will really get you in the end, by far one of the best barley wines available today!

You can try these and many more at their tasting room located at 787 E. Northampton Street Wilkes Barre, PA Hours are Tues & Fri 5 PM- 9 PM and Sat 12 PM - 5PM 

We kicked the show off by making our BIG announcement that we have been teasing up all week on Facebook and Twitter... we also did this announcement while enjoying one of our "rare beers," this week we enjoyed Deschutes Red Chair NWPA, a fantastic pale ale that has a nice malty profile balanced against wonderful citrus hops for a VERY easy drinking expereience.

The BIG announcement is this, we are having the inaugural Beer Geek Festival at Slocum Hollow Lodge at Montage Mountain in Scranton, PA on April 12, 2014!  Details are still rolling in and we will be getting the official brewery lineup out very soon, but save the date, it is a beer fest that you will NOT want to miss!

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