Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 22, 2014 Show

This week we are drinking and discussing the great PA brewery Saucony Creek Brewing Company with owner Matt Lindenmuth joining us via telephone from Colorado and in studio brewery rep Jeff O'Brien sits down with us.  Joining the show as always is Backyard Billy from Backyard Ale House!

This weeks beer lineup is slightly different than pictured, we enjoyed:

Roxie's Golden Bananas:  This delicious wheat beer has hints of bananas present but no way near as sweet as might be expected when one hears "fruit" beer.  A very refreshing wheat beer!

Schnickelfritz (not pictured):  A FANTASTIC imperial milk stout with sweet notes of chocolate and cherries with hints of coffee.  A fantastic stout that is perfect for winter!

Maple Mistress: Roasted butternut squash adds a smooth mouthfeel and makes an appearance on the back end in this spiced beer that will quickly take your number one spot on pumpkin beer lists.  Maple syrup is dominate in aroma and taste and balanced perfectly against the spices, not only great for a fall but should be enjoyed year round!

North Ramp Stout:  Fresh brewed coffee in a perfectly balanced American stout that leaves a semi-dry finish, textbook example of the style and a must try for fans of coffee and stouts!

We enjoyed all the beers but time did not permit us to get all of them on live, but rest assured Saucony Creek's beers are all fantastic!

We also gave away this great Saucony Creek T-Shirt and subscription to All About Beer Magazine

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