Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 15, 2014

If there is a brewery that needs no introduction it is Stone Brewing Co. and if there is a brewmaster that also needs no introduction it's Stone's brewmaster Mitch Steele!  This week we are lucky enough to drink some of Stone's best beers and discuss the brewery with Mitch Steele himself.  Joining us in the studio is Backyard Billy from Backyard Ale House and our good friend Ed for a rousing conversation about this world class brewery that is slowly taking over the world!

This weeks beer lineup included:

Stone Stochasticity Hibiscusity: This Belgian ale is enhanced with flavors of hibiscus and orange peel.  Semi-tart notes are apparent which can make one think of a sour beer, but it is not nearly as puckering, but is very enjoyable and a unique take on  the style.

Stone Stochasticity Master of Disguise: A golden stout, yes a golden stout.  This beer pours a clear golden color with roasted coffee notes present that has strong aromatics of a perfectly brewed coffee stout with a mouthfeel to match.  Not only is it unique but it is FANTASTIC!

Enjoy By 12.05.14 IPA:  This DIPA has been dominating each time it is released.  The freshness of the hops is unmatched and the strong malt backbone gives this beer its heft.  Rivals any Pliny Heady, or (insert popular DIPA here) on the market now, but made even better by its availability!

Double Bastard: American Strong Ale is the beefed up brother to Arrogant Bastard, it was described on the show as a perfectly aged and balanced Barleywine, that seems very apt.  No matter what you want to call it, it is a world class beer!

This weeks giveaway featured a plethora of goodies from a Founder's Breakfast Stout cup, Backyard Ale House T-Shirt, a copy of The Brewer's Apprentice, and a subscription to All About Beer Magazine!

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