Tuesday, July 8, 2014

July 5, 2014 Show

This week was a Saison kind of Saturday as we examined the classic Belgian style that has gained a renewed interest due to American craft brewers.  We had an amazing lineup of Saisons that ranged from classic reserved styles to over the top and hop forward.  We were also joined by the world class Chef Gene Philbin from Peculiar Culinary with amazing food, as usual, and our good friend Sean Wolfe from the Scranton Brewers Guild!

Stone Brewing Co.- Saison: Stone is a brewery that is certainly not afraid of brewing aggressive in your face beer so Stone's latest release may be a bit of a surprise to some.  It has the wonderful Saison characteristics that we love, but with a bit of peppery spice bite on the end.  Definitely a high quality and refreshing beer, but that's expected from Stone Brewing Co.!

Allagash Brewing Company- Saison: Allagash Saison ticks all the right boxes for the style and is very much a prototypical beer for the style with the wonderful Saison yeast strain on full display.  A very easy drinking and world class beer from a world class brewery!

Boulevard Brewing Company- Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale: This is a beer with a great reputation and thankfully it lives up to it!  Lovely fruit notes dance throughout and the beer has a wonderfully crisp and dry finish.

Brooklyn Brewery- Sorachi Ace:  This beer got its name from the Sorachi Ace hop, the hop possess some unique lemon qualities that are perfect for the Saison style.  Thankfully this beer is available year round, which is good because it will be just as refreshing on a cold winter evening as it is on a hot summer day!

Firestone Walker- Opal: This dry hopped Saison from Firestone Walker is the perfect beer to round out the lineup.  The hops makes their presence known fast but do not detract from the beer at all in fact the flavors go extremely well together and still have that refreshing Saison characteristic, definitely hunt this beer down!

We also gave away a fantastic prize pack this week featuring Brew Like A Pro by Dave Miller, some wonderful Firestone Walker glassware, and soap provided by The Beer Soap Company!


Are you ready to take your homebrewing to the next level? In Brew Like a Pro, the legendary Dave Miller reveals the secrets of truly great draft- and pub-style brewing. He includes complete plans for a professional-quality home system that requires just 18 square feet of space, and he offers recipes for small batches of classic, all-grain brews that stay fresh in kegs for months, eliminating the need for bottling. With this clear, concise how-to guide in hand, you’ll soon be enjoying the best brews you’ve ever made!

Also check out The Beer Soap Company, they have some great soaps made with your favorite beers: Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, Chimay Red, PBR, Arrogant Bastard and A LOT more!


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