Monday, July 14, 2014

Jul 12, 2014 Show

This week we were joined by brewmaster Mike Simmons from Nimble Hill Brewing Company located in the Endless mountain region of Northeastern PA.  He brought a wide array of fantastic beers from the brewery to try and even a barrel sample of the latest sour beer!  We could not ask for more and as a special treat we also partook of a wonderful beer from Jolly Pumpkin!

We were also joined this week by Billy from Backyard Ale House located in Scranton, PA kicking off their official sponsorship of the show and we could not be happier to welcome them aboard!  If you have not stopped by their place it is a must visit if you are in Northeast Pennsylvania with a HUGE selection of craft beers!

Nimble Hill beer lineup for the show:

Nudder Czech Style Pilsner: A perfect example of the style.  Very crisp and refreshing with a wonderful hop bite and no overwhelming sulfur smell that some examples will pick up.  A perfect summer offering and hard to believe this is a new beer, Mike hit the nail on the head first attempt!

Nim Wit: Another beer that started as a summer seasonal but the demand grew and it is easy to see why!  A lovely balance of Belgian characteristics with a kick of spice with ginger being the most prevalent creating a beer that is extremely refreshing!

Hop Bottom IPA:  A hefty dose of hops goes into this bad boy and it also clocks in at 7% ABV.  The hops are fresh, dank, and balanced.  A beer that combines the best of the West with the best of the East for an enjoyable drinking expereience!

Naughty: This new summer seasonal is a Belgian Dark Strong Ale and clocks in at 9% ABV and is perfect for a summer evening to kick back and relax.  Strong aromas and tastes of dark fruits dominate throughout without the slightest bit of alcohol heat.  A sipping beer for sure, but a fantastic one at that!

Mysteria 4.0: The Mysteria series is going to be making it's 4th release with this amazing sour beer.  We were lucky enough to have Mike pull samples from the aging barrels for us to sample and this is going to be one fantastic beer.  The tartness is certainly present along with the wood characteristics, a great beer and we cannot wait to try the finished product!

This weeks special beer is:

Jolly Pumpkin- La Roja: This is a textbook example of the Flanders Red style with notes of tart cherries, figs, cranberries, oak, caramel, and a touch of vanilla.  Despite the puckering qualities this is an extremely smooth beer and is a great beer to enjoy with friends and discuss and the 7.2% ABV is also a nice touch!

This week we also gave away a copy of a great book called The Great Northeast Brewery Tour: Tap into the Best Craft Breweries in New England and the Mid-Atlantic by Ben Keene.  The book examines many of the wonderful breweries in the New England and Mid Atlantic region and provides all the necessary information about the breweries to plan a visit along with some great photography.  if you are interested in the book click the photo below and pick up a copy for yourself!

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