Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January 3, 2015 Show

Our first show of 2015 and we start the year off right as we drink and discuss the world class Allagash Brewing Company with brewmaster Jason Perkins!  Allagash has a stellar reputation and it is very much deserved!

This weeks beer lineup from Allagash:

Saison: Bright, fresh, and vibrant are three perfect ways to describe this textbook saison!

White: The beer hat started it all for Allagash! Light and airy yet fairly complex make this beer perfect for any season.

Tripel: Fruity aroma and tastes abound from a great yeast character with a sweet malt bill.

Dubbel:  Red fruit, caramel, and Belgian yeast combine for a semi-sweet Belgian Dubbel that again is textbook for the style (seeing a pattern yet?)

Interlude: A 9.5% sour beer that is absolutely incredible.  Sour notes are on display but not overly aggresive and instead seemingly melt into a sweet malt.  Perfect for aging!

Curieux: A bourbon barrel aged tripel packs a punch at 11% ABV but no much heat.  If you are a fan of Belgian tripels than you simply MUST try this beer!!

This week we had another incredible giveaway from our good friends at Allagash and All About Beer Magazine!  It pays to follow us on social media as we did our giveaway through Instagram this week and will be changing it up every week... so be sure to follow us!!

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